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By partnering with Aaxon Labs, Inc and American Mil-Spec Services, Anodics can now offer a “One stop shop” for your metal finishing needs. Non-destructive testing, passivation, paint, prime, and powdercoating are all available to you. For more details regarding these processes and specific approvals, please see the links below.

1 Anodics, Inc.

Metal Plating Services

Anodizing Metal Coating and Chromate Conversion Coating

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2 Aaxon Labs, Inc.

Inspection & Testing

Specializing in Non-Destructive Testing Services

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3 American Mil-Spec Services

Painting Services

Spray Painting and Powder Coating Services

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Aaxon Labs, Inc Services

Aaxon Labs services include: Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Passivation of Stainless Steel, and Water Immersion Corrosion Testing. Their 96" long Magnetic Particle Inspection equipment is large enough to allow the inspection of most large steel parts. Their Fluorescent Penetrant immersion system is designed for smaller and more intricate parts.

Large aluminum etch tanks, penetrant spray booths, and dryer ovens allow a greater volume of work to be performed in a shorter amount of time. A 12'x22' electrostatic penetrant spray booth allows Aaxon to accommodate large parts. Parts are dried in our 12'x16' walk-in oven. Their new Passivation line further increases our capabilities, and provides faster turn times for our customers. Aaxon Labs also offers Water Immersion testing. Our corrosion chamber is capable of testing a variety of part configurations.

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American Mil-Spec Services

Spray Painting

American Mil-Spec Services offers professional spray painting or wet paint services for a variety of products. They offer multiple solutions for parts that require wet painting and plastisol or assembly. All parts are cleaned and pre treated before paint is applied.

American MilSpec Services can spray paint parts that are 12 inches or 12 feet. No job is too small or too large for American MilSpec.

Powder Coating

American Mil-Spec Services offers many solutions for painting metal surfaces. The finished product will be more than just impressive looking. Powder Coating is the process of applying dry paint to a surface. In order to do this the product is electrostatically charged causing the powder coating to adhere to the product. The product is then heated causing the powder coating to coat the surface.

Before power coating begins American Mil-Spec assures the parts are pretreated and cleaned for best results. The pretreatment process is vital to the success of a consistant application of the powder coating and long lasting finish. Their finishes withstand extreme temperatures, dry climates, and wet environments. Powder coating is suitable for the automotive, marine, and industrial industries.

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