Metal Plating Services

Service Processes - Anodics, Inc.

Anodics, Inc. is Nadcap™ Accredited for Aerospace Quality Systems and Chemical Processing.

We offer metal plating services to major Airframe, Aerospace, and Defense Contractors, as well as both large and small commercial and industrial firms. Our metal finishing and anodizing processes are designed to strengthen and seal metals and provide color options for vehicles and aircrafts. We have worked for decades to create the best possible finished product for our customers, and are continuing to strive for industry innovation every day.

Anodizing Plating Services

(Colors available: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Clear, Purple, Gray, and Green)

Anodizing is a process which helps to strengthen the overall body of a piece of metal. This metal coating process is used in many industries and is most commonly practiced in the designing of aircrafts and vehicles. After the anodizing process has been completed, the finished product is a stronger and longer-lasting material designed for our customers specifications.


  • Type 1 – Class 1
  • Type 1B – Class 1
  • Type II – Classes 1 & 2
  • Type IIB – Class 1

Chromate Conversion Coating

(Colors available: Gold or Clear)

Anodics, Inc. provides RoHs compliant Chromate Conversion Coating services for a multitude of industry applications including aerospace and military vehicles. Conversion Coating is a chemical reaction on a base metal (usually aluminum) which strengthens and preserves the appearance and constitution of the treated metals. This process is also often used as a surface treatment for powder coating, painting, and adhesive bonding.


  • Class 1A Type I or II
  • Class 3 Type I or II


  • Class 1A Type I or II (Type II is ROHS Compliant)
  • Class 3