Anodics, Inc. has proudly served our customers from a number of industries since 1965. Our anodizing and chromate conversion coating processes are applicable in a variety of diverse industries. Our Nadcap™ Accredited for Aerospace Quality Systems and Chemical Processing allows us to be a leader in the Aerospace and Defense industries, and our ability to comply with MIL and RoHS standards shows our commitment to quality, safety, and performance.

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Anodizing and Chromate Conversion Coating are important processes in the Aerospace industries. The finished product after these processes is mechanically superior and more corrosion resistant than aluminum alloys which have not undergone any additional processing. Anodizing is generally preferred in the Aerospace industry because of its superior corrosion and abrasion resistance. This allows for a smoother flight and promotes long life for the parts which have been treated.

Anodics, Inc. works with many clients in the Aerospace industry, and have the capability to comply with MIL and RoHS Standards. Our 70 years of metal finishing experience has led to a development of skill and precision in our anodizing and chromate conversion coating processes. We are always available to consult with our customers and determine the exact processes necessary for your specific application.

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It is extremely important to harness reliable equipment in all military applications. Anodizing helps to extend the life of any tool or piece of machinery by providing corrosion, abrasion, and chemical resistance. Products which have gone through a round of anodizing are ultimately stronger than any aluminum alloys which have not been through this type of process.

Aluminum Oxide creates an incredibly hard element which is the 3rd hardest element which is possible to manufacture. Anodized tools and machinery outperform untreated metals and provide safety, higher-performance, and reliability. Anodics, Inc. offers many types of anodizing services and offer many options in finish colors.

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Anodizing creates a hard and durable layer of coating which is resistant to corrosion and oxidation, while providing a perfect base for electrocolor or adhesive paint. Automakers have continued to discover the importance of anodizing processes because of the added resistance to corrosion due to salt, chemicals, or harsh conditions.

Our 70 years of anodizing experience has allowed us to develop best practices in the anodizing and chromate conversion coating industry and results in a superior overall product. Any aluminum alloy which has been treated with an anodizing process has an enhanced life cycle because of its superior quality.

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Commercial Electronics

Anodics, Inc. works with customers in the commercial electronics industry to create a higher quality product through the processes of anodizing and conversion coating. Durability in this industry is important, and our specialized coating processes allow for a superior product in every regard. Specific applications for anodizing in commercial electronics include: industrial machinery, consumer products, medical machinery, processing machinery, etc.

The film like substance created on the outside of the aluminum alloys is incredibly strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and UV rays. This allows any treated products to have a longer usable life and fewer defects. This process also allows for a multitude of colored finishes which will last much longer than conventional paint on an untreated alloy.

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