Chromate Conversion Coating Services

Alodine Chromate Conversion Coating- Anodics, Inc.

Anodics, Inc. provides RoHs compliant Chromate Conversion Coating services for a multitude of industry applications including aerospace and military vehicles. Conversion Coating is a chemical reaction on a base metal (usually aluminum) which strengthens and preserves the appearance and constitution of the treated metals. This process is also often used as a surface treatment for powder coating, painting, and adhesive bonding. This process is continuous and free from powdery areas, scratches and breaks and so forth.


  • Class 1A – Type 1 & 2
    • This process provides maximum protection against corrosion, painted or unpainted. This aluminum chromate coating is often used in the industries of aerospace, medical, defense, electronics and plumbing.
  • Class 3 – Type 1 & 2
    • This process involves the use of electronic resistance tests in order to further test the durability of the treated aluminum or aluminum alloy. Class 3 Chromate Conversion Coating should be used any time that electronic resistance is required.


  • Class 1A Type 1 or 2 (2 is ROHS Compliant)
    • Provides maximum protection against corrosion, whether painted or unpainted. This is a relatively thick coating used as a final finish or pre-treatment to paint or powder coating.
  • Class 3
    • This process is similar to class 1A but also is used to provide electrical resistance. Class 3 coatings tend to be thinner than Class 1A and therefore have less corrosion resistance, but are superior for electrical resistance applications.

Colors Available: Gold and Clear

Anodics, Inc. is Nadcap™ Accredited for Aerospace Quality Systems and Chemical Processing.