Anodics, Inc., is a specialized metal finishing and plating company based in Fort Worth, Texas. Anodics, Inc. is Nadcap™ accredited in Aerospace Quality Systems and Chemical Processing, specializing in the Aerospace and Defense Industrial Markets for more than 40 years. Anodics, Inc. is a family owned business and harnesses an aggregate experience of over 70 years in the metal finishing and anodizing industry and has achieved excellence in their industry. Among our services we perform are Sulfuric Acid Anodize and Chromic Acid Anodizing(TYI or TYII, CLI or CLII), Chromate Conversion Coating (TYI or TYII, CLIA or CLIII) We are ROHS Approved for Mil-DTL-5541 TYII CLIA & CLIII. Certified Approved Subcontractor for Lockheed Martin, Parker Hannifin, Eaton Aerospace, Sikorsky, and BF Goodrich – RPS 13.51, RPS 13.53, RPS 13.55.

Prime Approvals

Eaton Aeroquip

  • per ACES 1758 P1


  • SS8483

Bell Helicopter

  • BPS 4001
  • BPS 4182

Lockheed Martin

  • Chromic Anodice – Code 200A + 200S
  • Chem Film – Code 210

Parker Stratoflex

  • P-103-1
  • P-103-2
  • P-103-12
  • P-103-20
  • P-103-22
  • P-103-49
  • P-103-54

Goodrich Aero

  • RPS 13.51
  • RPS 13.53
  • RPS 13.55